At Bloom Psychology we make no assumptions about how you have arrived at pregnancy, or how you feel about it. Expectations and assumptions bring pressure, and that can be hard.


Many people are delighted to discover they are pregnant. Many have mixed emotions. And still some find the prospect frightening and anxiety provoking, for a wide range of reasons. Often these reasons are not clear even to the woman herself, but the feeling is there.

Anxiety, worry, depression, anger: none of these feelings is uncommon during pregnancy. Huge brain changes are taking place; your body is flooded with hormones; your relationships might change; how your body looks and feels changes; it’s no wonder these can be hard to manage.

Fear of birth is also common, and many aspects of fertility, conception, pregnancy and parenthood can trigger deeply painful feelings if you have experienced trauma or abuse.

Bloom Psychology offers a safe, containing and respectful space where you can start to identify and process difficult feelings and anxieties, and feel freer to enjoy your pregnancy, and your life as you would wish.

Unplanned Pregnancy

Bloom Psychology also offers a short consultation service (usually 4-6 sessions) to women for whom news of pregnancy is not- for whatever reason- welcome. Without instruction or judgment, we aim to support women to feel able to make their own choices by providing a discreet, safe space to explore feelings which can be difficult to share with loved ones. This can be extended if needed.