Our culture rightly places huge value on birth and the needs of babies, their survival and their development. Society assumes that babies are desired and planned-for, that mothers (parents generally, but especially mothers) relish their role, and that their ‘adapt’ by some natural and automatic process. For many this is quite true- hormones, adaptation through pregnancy and the support of those around us can lead to motherhood being close to everything we hoped for.

At the same time, often society does not provide mothers with the training, experience or support that they need to adapt, especially when their own experience of being parented hasn’t been adequate. Many find that the process of becoming a mother does not tally with what they expected, with what they were prepared for, or with the images they see around them.

All mothers experience ambivalence, and have moments when they question whether they can always put the needs of their child ahead of their own, putting aside years of personal, professional, physical and sexual development. It can be hugely daunting to have sudden responsibility for new life, and not everyone feels empowered to trust themselves to manage confidently.

Bloom Psychology can help support a woman through this transition, and help them find confidence to parent in a way which suits both mothers and their little ones. The question is not one of being perfect: in fact that’s not what your baby needs, they’ll thrive when you’re good enough.

For many reasons (often, but not always related to past difficulties or trauma) some women’s pain and feelings of anxiety or anguish extend beyond what we might typically expect. This can be referred to as post-natal (or post-partum) depression or anxiety.  Bloom Psychology can help you identify if this applies to you, and can offer safe, effective talking therapy which will help you to overcome your pain to feel happy again. This can take place individually or in the company of your baby, depending on your circumstances. We can work in partnership with your GP, midwife, health visitor or psychiatrist as appropriate, and according to your wishes.

Previous Mental Health Problems

At Bloom we support women psychologically through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood who may have struggled with various forms of mental health difficulty in the past. Bloom staff have many years’ experience in working with people with all forms of diagnosis, and can discuss this with you if you want to get in touch. We are happy to work alongside doulas and NHS health professionals wherever this is helpful.