Some are lucky not to have to think about fertility, a subject whose significance extends far beyond the medical and biological. And there is no simple way to write about it, because its complexity is different for every individual. Commonly difficulties with fertility can create strain and distance in relationships, as well as deep pain and despair for individuals. Understanding where these feelings come from, and how to manage them can help to navigate through the choices and realities which follow, often in the absence of medical explanation.

Bloom offers emotional support to individuals and couples at all stages of fertility issues: conception issues, fertility testing, facing infertility, IVF and other fertility treatments, and the choices which arise if these are not successful.

Adoption and Fostering

Bloom Psychology offers a consultation service to individuals and couples who are considering adoption or fostering, but who wish to explore the meaning and implications for them, either before proceeding or during the process. Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.