5Bloom psychology offers assessment for all issues around pregnancy, loss, birth and early parenthood.

This involves meeting with an experienced clinical psychologist for an agreed time period (usually 50 or 60 mins) either online or in a safe, pleasant consulting room in Glasgow, or sometimes at your home if this is more appropriate.

Assessment is important, because we need to get to know you before we think about what might best help you. It involves being asked some questions about your current circumstances, and your life more broadly, as we know that we are very much shaped by our experiences, particularly those in early life.

Assessment can provide clarity and understanding of how a difficulty has arisen, as well as indications for what might be helpful as a next step. Sometimes assessment is all that is needed to reassure and empower. On other occasions, a limited number of further sessions can be helpful, and often it is agreed that the client and psychologist will meet over a longer period for a course of talking-based therapy.